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Philipe Zenz Audio is a one-man business that started in 2019 with the release of the modulation effect Random Chopper. The idea for Random Chopper occurred already in 2016 through my practice as an audio producer when I was looking for an effect that supports randomized modulation but could not find one. Thus, after acquiring some proficiency in digital signal processing and audio programming, I created a simple VST that I've been using for nearly two years in my audio projects. In early 2018, I decided to make a new version of Random Chopper. Implementing more and more features and improvements, the project became larger than I expected. With the work gone in Random Chopper, I realized that I do not only want to have this plugin for me and a few other people but want to make it available for everyone.

My interest in sound and audio production dates back to my interest in music that already began in my childhood. At the age of six, I started playing the piano, at the age of fifteen, I started playing the guitar. During my youth, I also began creating music with the computer. At first, I was working a lot on orchestral music using sample libraries. During my studies in musicology, I started a collaboration with former fellow students to work on music and sound for films and other multimedia productions. In the context of this collaboration, I greatly improved my skills in sound design and sound mixing and also got more familiar with the handling of audio effects. In this time, I also produced some (experimental) electronic music.

Even though developing audio effects is just a part-time activity for me at the moment, I plan to realize new ideas for creative audio plugins. In doing so, my focus is on providing new methods of audio processing that people can use to create new sounds.

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